How to get ready to make purchases on a webshop

We know it’s a hassle. When you want to pay for an item in a webshop today, it’s not just about paying. You have to go through all sorts of security procedures to be allowed to pay. To avoid online fraud, you must confirm your purchase through the NemID key app or an SMS and password.

This commotion is set to work to ensure that it is actually you who will buy a given product on the web and not just someone who has stolen your credit card information

In the following, we will take you through how to sign up for the various security solutions so that you are ready to shop online

These security solutions are also called two-factor approvals. A two-factor approval means that two approvals from two different sources are required to approve, for example, a payment. One in terms of your credit card data and another example NemID nøgleapp, or if you have registered your phone number, which you then receive a security code.

You can approve your payment in 2 ways

SMS + kodeord

Once you have entered your credit card information during an online payment, you will automatically be sent to a page where you will be asked to approve with NemID. More specifically, it is the NemID key app that you need for the approval.

If you do not have a NemID key app, you can also approve with an SMS code and password. Read how it goes further down.

Approve with NemID

If you do not already have a NemID key app, then you can read this guide that will show you how to get started using it.

Once set up, it works as follows:

1) Pay by card
Pay as usual in the webshop

2) Approve payment with NemID
Enter your NemID user ID and password

3) Send request for approval to NemID key app
Send request to your phone / tablet

4) Approve the payment in the NemID key app
By swiping to the right, you accept the payment

5) Payment completed
After the approval in the NemID key app, your payment will be completed

Approve with SMS + password

If you do not have a NemID key app, you must approve the payment with an SMS + password. It requires you to register your phone number and create a code for your debit card.

Register your phone number and a code for your card here >>

Once done, it works as follows:

1) Pay by card
Pay as usual in the webshop

2) Select SMS + code as approval
Click on “SMS + code” in the bottom right corner

3) Accept payment by SMS + password
Enter your code received on sms and your personal password If you want to change your phone number and password, do it here

4) Payment completed
After approval via SMS + password, your payment will be